Demo Car Club


The Committee members shown below are not real, and are used for demonstration purposes only. All photographs were provided by


Committee members

Bill Templeton
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1932 8339
Vice President
Claudia Monk
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0425 325 382
Karena Schnee
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3044 2104
Harold Berman
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2974 5622
Rickey Keene
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0425 325 390
Regalia Officer
Josh Vincent
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1208 4531
Membership Secretary/Patron
Pete Corbett
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0425 325 380
Events Coordinator
Stella Janssen
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5575 6212
Events Coordinator
Shenika Principe
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0425 325 411
Karren Yamanaka
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0425 325 427
Public Officer
Carl Akridge
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0425 325 445
Public Officer
Dinah Lucy
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2760 2541
Demo Car Club
PO Box 186, Forest Hill VIC 3131
Phone 0429 205 306
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The Demo Car Club is a fake entity used to demonstrate the features of mycco ( Any resemblance to a real life car club is purely coincidental.